Channels and Customers


The company has acquired a significant channel and customer base that includes:
leading supermarket, mobile phone, convenience store and DIY retailchains . And, thanks to our proven, successful distribution concept, Alpha products are gaining momentum all over the world: in Europe, Central Asia, the US, South America and the Gulf.

Core Business Activities

  • OEM

    Original equipment
    private label manufacturing

  • MFI

    Cooperation with manufacturers
    to distribute certified products

  • Development

    Development of
    in-house brands

Service and Support

In addition to manufacturing, marketing and distribution, the Alpha Group

places a great emphasis on providing superior service and support for the

products we provide to our customers.

Why Work with Us?

  • In-House Manufacturing

    Manufacturing in-house enables us to keep production costs low while maintaining excellent levels of quality – ensuring healthy margins.

  • Large Inventory

    Maintaining a large inventory enables us to supply both large and small orders without delay.

  • Better Prices and Services

    Dealing in large volumes enables us to offer prices and services equivalent or even better than products bought directly from China but without the frustration of sourcing, dealing and communicating with the various local manufacturers and dealers.

  • Different Levels of Private Label Product Quality

    We can offer different levels of private label product quality with different pricing; we also offer MFI products with the customer’s preferred packaging design and logo. Alternatively, customers can choose from our many professionally designed product lines that we carry in stock - without minimum orders.

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